Local Textile Wonders

From the days of re-drawing plants in the Biology class, I have loved “The Flora”.

The past week I came across two different South African textile designers who have launched a new line of prints!

For more than 10 years the boutique graphic design studio  Room13 have been creating exceptional designs.

These prints blow me away!


The Botanical Range




The Deserted Range




Beautiful little geometric prints paired with the mustard yellow!cushion_deserted_crystal1-562x562

The other textile designer is very visible in Cape Town, driving in Bree Street Cape Town you would have seen a GIANT Yellow Dot.

This is the shop of Skinny laMinx.

She is well known locally and on international level.

Her new collection Paradise is Here is a visual bliss! Click on the link to her inspiring lookbook!


Asian Influence


This chair is taking me into the future..Summer 2014!

Images from websites Room13 and Skinny laMinx



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