The Balaclava Bears

A unique collaborations between a few artists brought the poem of the Angry Wooden Bees and Villainous Balaclava Bears to life.

You can read more about the process and the artists here.

Today the focus is on a beautiful shop that exhibits art pieces made in South Africa.

In the heart of Kloof Street, Cape Town, you will find Kinshop.

Currently these Balaclava Bears and their Angry bears are exhibited here.

I love the idea of making a poem real! 
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The Tale of the Balaclava Bear
by Trollus Maximus

In the dead of night when all seems fine,
The bees were victims of a heinous crime.
Ruthless and cunning he took them by surprise,
Determined to claim his warm dripping prize.
Their stings did nothing to protect the hives,
They gave it their all, but paid with their lives.
He had pitch-black hair from head to toe,
With razor-sharp claws and eyes that glowed.
Into the shadows the beast did run,
Back into the place from whence he’d come
The air was abuzz in Fernley Woods,
With news of a hooded fiend stealing their goods.
Bitter and angry, the bees wanted him dead,
So the queen put a bounty upon his head.
A lifetime of sweet honey be the reward,
For whoever delivers justice with their claws.
To the furthest corners they went to look,
For the forest’s infamous honey crook.
Dead ends and cold trails the mob did find,
Always too slow and one step behind.
They gave up the hunt and returned one morning,
With empty paws and a friendly warning.
For all ye forest folk you best beware
For in the darkness lurks the

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The images were taken in the shop and I was amazed at the amount of knowledge the shop manager, Tass had about each artist!

A definite visit if you are in Kloof Street and looking for something cool from South African artists!

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