Apartment Room Art

Liottle Match Girl

 A Korean artist have covered her apartment in her limitless imagination with installation art. The images are surreal and you could lose yourself in them.

I am in awe of what JeeYoung Lee have mastered in a small Asian studio apartment.

I myself have lived in an Asian apartment and know how small the space can get.

She created all the props herself all for a single photo.

This is A – Class creative detail.

jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_314 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_316 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_319 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_321 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_322 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_323 JYL002-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-resurrection_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2011

(Images from the link provided)